Moving Away

Moving away from home is always a huge step that a lot of people experience in their life. Some people move when they’re young as their parents decide to relocate for reasons such as work or to be closer to other family. A lot of students leave home upon deciding to attend university in another city. And I personally have had the pleasure of experiencing both of those.

The first move I had occurred when I was around eight years old and my Dad was offered a promotion in Manchester. At first I was very upset. I loved living in London, attending my school, all my friends and living close to my Grandparents so leaving was rather an upsetting prospect. Nevertheless, the process took well over a year to happen which gave me time to get used to the idea.

It wasn’t an easy adjustment. Although when the time came I was willing to be optimistic, I did miss our old house on our old road which a lot of my friends also lived on. I did make many new friends of course and my family were still with me also so I was never alone. As a child it is also so easy to befriend new people anyway and places like schools and clubs make a real effort to help new children do so and therefore I fit in at my new school in no time. I also took up swimming which I love so much and even got to have a newly decorated room in our new house, both of which excited me greatly!

Looking back on it, despite not being particularly happy about having to move initially, I did come to love it in Manchester very quickly. And I can honestly say it was the best thing my Dad could have done for me. Manchester is such an amazing city and it’s given so much over the years in terms of the people I have met and befriended¬†and some of the experiences I’ve had. Now I no longer live there I yearn for those happy years I spent being young and carefree!

The second move of course has been the biggest; going to university. I always knew that I was never going to stay at home. This was my opportunity to move away from home and have the independence I always desired. So, come last September I moved all the way up north, out of the country, to Bonnie Scotland. This move of course was vastly different to my last. When I moved to Manchester from London I had my parents move with me, but moving to Glasgow was something that I had to do completely alone. I would have to learn to live on my own and look after myself. There was no doubt that I would be able to do this however. I was 20 years old, a fully grown adult (technically); I wasn’t that eight year old who was obsessed with Harry Potter. Well, I am still obsessed with Harry Potter but what I mean is that I was far more mature, far more responsible and wise and more than capable of making it on my own.

One of the most important things my Dad told me when he dropped me off in Glasgow back in September was that I was now part of society as my own person. This meant that I had contribute to it in any way that I could, whether it be helping someone with any problems they have personally or being able to advise people how to go about certain things due to my own experiences. Anyway, the point of the matter is that this move marked me as a single independent person. In Glasgow I’m not the daughter of my parents, I’m me on my own. I have to make appointments and deal with phonecalls, no one else can do those things for me.

So there you have it, my two biggest moves and their reasons for it. I can only really reflect upon the move to Manchester due to the fact that it was so many years ago now but I am more than sure that I will be able to reflect upon the move to Glasgow in exactly the same way after the end of these four years. Admittedly I have found the adjustment a little difficult, but nevertheless I am only beginning to love it more with time. Similarly, to the Manchester move, I never had the intention to move to Glasgow before an opportunity arose yet I have remained optimistic and things have only gotten better as the months have passed.

Moving away is hard and can be really upsetting but the key to it is to keep positive and look forward. It may be crappy at first because you don’t know anyone or anything around you but all of that soon becomes familiar. And trust me, it’ll open up so many doors that you never even imagined before. Embrace the change in your life, it’ll be the best thing that ever happened to you.







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