Sorry that the tone of this post is going to be a little sad however this is a topic that I have been wanting to address for some months now due to personal reasons. Recently I lost my Granddad which was something that my family and I had been expecting for a long time due to the state of his health however it doesn’t making the process of grief any easier. Loss is something that most people will experience at some point in their lives but also something that people don’t particularly like to talk about. Everyone knows that one day they are most likely to see someone they love dearly pass away and everyone also knows that eventually they themselves will be no longer either.

I wasn’t particularly close to my Granddad. I loved him of course, but we were never close. I was very young when he became seriously ill and at the time everyone wasn’t expecting him to make it for much longer. Nevertheless, he pulled through for a number of years until late last year when he sadly passed away. It was strange though. Of course the whole family was devastated but in a way, we’d already grieved him. He was never the same after becoming ill, he wasn’t himself, and in a way we all felt a sense of relief that he was finally out of his misery after all this time. I even remember talking to my Mum some weeks later and she told me how at the funeral she managed to hold it together very easily but it was only later when she looked through some old pictures of my Granddad that she began to feel quite upset.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen loss in my life. I’ve had other family members pass away but at those times I was so young I wasn’t able to fully understand the nature of what it meant or feel the effect of someone no longer being there. So for the first time ever, I cried at a funeral. For the first time ever I felt what it was like to have the empty space where someone used to be. Of course, as he hadn’t been himself for years we had already to some extent grieved him. However, even when he wasn’t himself, he was always there and now he isn’t.

Loss can be hard and emotionally draining. The sadness isn’t something that will never go away but it is something that you can learn to live with. Whatever happens though, never dwell on having lost someone. Instead, cherish having had them in your life and cherish the memories you have of them. And most of all, be thankful you were blessed with their presence in your life.


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