The Penultimate Play

I’m not sure if I mention this in previous posts or not but, I got a part in a play. Back in November I audition for the GU Alexandrian Society play and low and behold, I smashed it! It wasn’t for a particularly serious play however, it was just a little fun project that the society liked to put together every year so amazing acting wasn’t important. Nevertheless over the past few month the cast have worked so incredibly hard to make it as brilliant as possible and two days ago we finally performed in from of an audience of around 60. And I can honestly say that it was a triumphant success!

The play itself was both written and directed by members of the Alexandrian Society. It was a series of comedy sketches themed around couples therapy between well known characters from Greek mythology. So I played the part of the faithful wife Penelope having a therapy session with her husband Odysseus. I got to shout at him, hit him on the shoulder with a copy of the Odyssey and almost say a very explicit word beginning with ‘c’. It was so much fun! And strangely enough I didn’t get nervous. The only thing that truly worried me was the fact that during rehearsals I was finding it extremely difficult not to laugh as the person playing my husband made the character of Odysseus so incredibly funny. Nevertheless, when it actually came to the actual performance I managed to keep it together, thank god!

I’ve never performed in anything since I was in primary school until now. It wasn’t ever an interest that I wanted to pursue at university but when the opportunity came about, well, I just went for it. As I’ve said previously I really want to put myself out there at university and this was something that definitely helped. I’ve grown in confidence, become closer friends to people within the society and even improved on my acting skills (I hope). However the best part of course was seeing the people you love come and support you. One of my best friends at university came especially to see me despite having various other things he had to do that day which honestly warmed my heart so much! Furthermore, after the show so many other people came up to me and praised my performance (and appearance) which was so incredibly lovely.

So would I do it again? Hell yes! It was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve had so far at university and I already can’t wait for next years play. Plus who knows, maybe I’ll even get to write it this time too. I guess I’ll have to get brainstorming over this summer.














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