Scottish Independence

The talk of Scottish independence has arisen once more. After everything that has occurred in politics over the last few years with a majority Tory election result and Brexit after Scotland had decided it was bet that they stay part of the United Kingdom, it’s no wonder that they are fighting for independence more than ever at this current time. Of course up until now it has been nothing but chatter with a few signs showing that Scotland were preparing themselves for such an event. I myself push such talk aside stating that they could very well preach and prepare for a split but there was no way that Theresa May would agree to another vote. However today Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, formally announce that a second referendum is to take place after the Brexit negotiations are known but before its too late, and Theresa May has not completely ruled this out as a possibility.

Almost three years ago, the 18th September 2014, the people of Scotland made one of the most important decisions in terms of their country and voted against independence from the United Kingdom in one of the most historical events to take place in Scottish history. Although I personally had no eligibility to vote I nevertheless voiced my opinion that their vote was right for the Scottish people and their country as whole. I’m not going to deny that my reasons were purely selfish. At the time I was a prospective Scottish university student and couldn’t bare to think of what independence could mean for me as I hoped to reside their one day. Therefore it came to me as a great amount of relief that I no longer had to worry about my chances but more about if I could get the grades or not! Yet as this news has been announced today, I find myself more confused and split over the impending situation.

There is no doubt in my mind that if another referendum is to take place that Scotland will become independent. How could they vote otherwise? Labour failed them in the 2015 election campaigns resulting in an SNP wipeout, they have been made to be subjected to a right-wing government due to the English votes despite being a left-wing state and furthermore they are now going to be torn out of the EU despite having a Bremain wipeout vote within their state and many people deciding to vote against Scottish Independence two years previously due to uncertainty about their being able to become part of the European Union as an independent country.

From an unselfish perspective I am all for Scottish independence. The English have well and truly screwed them over again and again and if I was them I would gladly take it in my stride to cut them off completely. Nevertheless, despite not being the majority of what I would personally describe as wrongful voters, I am English. I was born in England, I’ve grown up in England and I have voted from English constituencies. England is my home. England is home to all the people I love most dearly. And I myself love England. Yet at the same time, I have grown to love Scotland also. Despite the horrendous cold it is my far one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. The people are so unbelievably lovely as is the culture and most importantly it is far more liberal than England will ever be.  I feel so unbelievably lucky to now be at University here and to be able to call this wonderful country my current home and place of residence. Yet now, if this referendum is to take place next year as Nicola Sturgeon hopes, there will be a huge split between my two homes.

Will I be able to continue studying here in Scotland for my current fees? Will I have to get a visa? Will I be able to go back and forth between Manchester and Glasgow as easily? Will my family and friends have to get a visa to come and visit me? Will I be able to stay in Scotland after my studies if I so wish to? It’s all of these questions that are currently circling my head and causing me worry. Of course it’s ridiculous to become paranoid about something that is still very much up in the air but nevertheless these are important questions that I can’t simply not be concerned about. I am very aware that in the grand scheme of things, my worries are very minor and inconsiderate but they are relevant as I’m sure they also are to many other students from England who have chosen to come and study in Scotland.

If independence from the UK does come to being in 2018 then of course I will be overjoyed for Scotland. They will have done the right thing in the current situation. However I will of course mourn over the fact that we will no longer have this great socialist state as part of our United Kingdom. Most importantly, I will also work out some way of getting a dual citizenship. Scotland and England may split but there is no way I can make a decision between the two. I love them both and I wish to remain a part of both, forever.


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