Semester Two

So, that’s my second semester done. As of the end of this week, all of my teaching lectures have finished and I have only exams left to attend before the academic year is over. I honestly cannot believe it. It feels as though I’ve still only just started the year. I’ve only just about settled in Glasgow and finally feel comfortable in the city and my new lifestyle, it’s so crazy that I’ve now almost completed a quarter of my undergraduate.

But of course, exams are still looming so it’s not all completely over yet. A part of me is so desperate to get them over with so I can rest and catch up on sleep but I feel so unprepared for them so am also desperate for more time. I’m still in the process of writing up all of my notes which is going somewhat well. Realistically I should have done a lot more than I have but I do feel as though I’m far more organised this semester than I was in the last. What’s most worrying me right now however is a portfolio that I have yet to complete, due for next Friday. Last semester I most certainly worked harder on it, which ha subsequently made me more complacent this semester. Slowly but surely I’ve been working on it every day so I’m sure within the next week I’ll have perfected it. And then the real exam revision must begin…

I feel a little sad that there are no more lectures left to attend though. Going into university everyday gave my days structure and allowed me to see friends and classmates. It also allowed me to see H and admire him from afar… Nevertheless I can now spend my days as I wish and really crack down on catching up with everything I’m behind on. Plus I know that I can always message my friends if I want to meet up and I’m sure I’ll see H around too.

So, I guess I better get on with it all then. Wish me luck!











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